Tuesday, September 01, 2009

YA Loot

[because Aishwarya asked]

The Puffins first:

1. The 22 Letters. Clive King.
2. Fell Farm Campers. Marjorie Lloyd.
3. The Old Powder Line. Richard Parker.
4. Up the Pier. Helen Cresswell.
5. Pageants of Despair. Dennis Hamley.
6. Heartsease. Peter Dickinson.
7. The Extraordinary Adventures of The Mouse and his Child. Russel Hoban.
8. Flambards in Summer. K.M.Peyton (I used to love the Flambards books when I was in school).

Other YA books:

1. The Bridge to Terabithia. Katherine Paterson. (probably the only recent book in the loot).
2. A Northern Childhood: The Balaclava Story and other stories. George Layton.
3. The Nine Lives of Island MacKenzie. Ursula Moray Williams.
4. Legends of the Round Table. Adapted by Barbara Ker Wilson. (under 'W').
5. Grimm's Fairy Tales. Illustrated by Jiri Trnka.

Still more books:

1. Adam and Eve. Willie Rushton.
2. The Shaw Alphabet Edition of Androcles and the Lion. GBS. [it's a pain to read. What was the man thinking?!]


SUR NOTES said...

YA means?

And though most in this list are unfamiliar to me I have a strong urge to head to your home, curl up on your window and read for a week. Book lists do that to me.

Space Bar said...

Sur: Sorry - YA=Young Adult.

And come! I'll dump the books that are currently near the window, in your lap!

km said...

Puffins...I think I like looking at them just for the publisher's logo.

Extempore said...

I don't like this list of your at all - am quite, quite envious. :(

Fëanor said...

The only author in the Puffin list I recognise is Helen Cresswell, and I don't know why.

Veena said...

SB: Where did you get the Puffins from again? I was quite certain that they all disappeared from India in the 80s.

Feanor: Not to worry. You shall have lots of opportunities to get familiar with the Puffins. From what I understand the only reason they are still around in this country is because most of them are required reading for GCSE or A levels or whatever is it that kids take here.

Space Bar said...

km: they *are* cute, no? all belly and eyes.

extempore: hey there- long time! and that makes me happy, of course. :-) why else put up such a list, right?

feanor: helen cresswell, huh? when you find out why tell me, no?

veena: a friend gave them to me. they're rare things, found only in other peoples' houses. initially i thought i'd donate them to the school library once el cid was done but now i don't think so.

JP said...

How odd. I am trying to write one of these things.

As far as I know, Puffin is alive and well. They even published one of my stories a couple of years back.

Space Bar said...

JP: How lovely! Hope you manage to sell it! And yes, they're around, but they don't keep their old titles alive. Not so far as I know, anyway.

Cheshire Cat said...

Puffins are the cutest things. If they were mine, I suspect the Cresswell, the Hoban and the Williams would be my pets.