Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crime Non-Fiction

my piece, Crime Non-fiction, is now up at Ultra Violet.

I said I wouldn't post, but I have. I promised frivolity and fluff, but this is what you get.

Yes, the mood has to lighten somehow. The Spaniard promises to work on it.


??! said...

No frivolity. Let's cram the blogscene with lots of utter depressing stuff till the New Year foists itself onto us.

Falstaff said...

You're saying UV is not frivolity and fluff?

Things can be both frivolous and depressing, you know.

km said...

??!: "blogscene" makes it sound so damn exciting.

JP said...

I have no intention of reading Larsson's books but you've used them rather well to segue into a very real issue.

Space Bar said...

??!: agree with km there - blogscene is a juicy word.

falsie: sure, things can be frivolous and depressing. why d'you think i never watch tv?

km: i wonder if that might cheer ??! up.

jp: thanks. but why will you not read larsson?