Saturday, December 19, 2009

World Saving Spaniard

As the talks at Copenhagen collapse (what did you expect?), the world waits to be saved. No batfax is going to do it. The round tables have all been chopped up for firewood a long time ago. 'Negotiations' is a word best left for superhero comics.

Enter Spaniard. The other one.



Yes, well. I know this is not the kind of Spaniard post you were probably expecting but I feel very godly and capricious these days, as if I'm dispensing cheating boons.

Besides, with all the bad news everywhere, we need a man with rueful countenance, no?


Earthwitness said...

heh heh - I Like!!!

km said...

What is a "batfax"? And is there a "Spiderfax"?

kbpm said...


opacyt said...

Maneiro seu blog!

Hari Batti said...

Have been trying to think of something clever to say to this for a few days and have given up. I did see a chilling excerpt in Harpers (a friend's copy, so I can't even say what month); but it involved windmills and piles of dead birds in a bleak future and unlike this, it was not in the least bit funny.
But it does seem that we may see an upsurge in tilting at windmills now that they are making a comeback of sorts.