Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Manasellaam maargazhi thaan, kanavellaam kaarthigai thaan

On the cusp of the two months - Karthikai (for a lovely lovely description of which, read Raja Rao's Kanthapura) and Margazhi - I thought of these lines from the song 'Nenjam Ellam' (Mani Ratnam's Ayutha Ezhuthu).

Lyrics by Vairamuthu. Someone competent please translate: Veena? BM? Rahul? Vivek?

Kaadhal ennai varudum poadhum
Un kaamam ennai thirudum poadhum
En manasellaam maargazhi thaan
En kanavellaam kaarthigaithaan
En vaanam en vaasal thirandhu
En bhoomi en vasathil illai
Un kuraikal naan ariyavillai
Naan arindhaal sooriyanil suththamillai


Fëanor said...

Here's a stab at the first line: My ears, filled with oil, are coming and going.

sumana001 said...

Will you translate for us, please, Dala? Here's a hug to bribe you.

km said...

Feanor, dude, that's some sad commentary on the state of crude oil prices.

Space Bar said...

feanor: as a spoof translation that one needs to be framed and put up somewhere visible.

sumana: didn't i say i wasn't competent enough?!

km: confess - you had coffee in your hand and there's another keyboard gone.

blackmamba said...

feanor: brilliant! I second km, that should be framed.

and as nobody is willing to do the job for you, SB, allow me kill it for you,

when love welcomes me
and your lust steals me

my mind blossoms like maargazhi
my dreams light up like kaarthigai

my sky opens my courtyard
and my earth isn't mine anymore

I don't see your flaws
if I knew them, the sun isn't clear

(and I make a quiet exit to wash of all the blood)