Monday, January 04, 2010

assortments for the week: 1

Pratilipi Jan 2010 has, among other things, and excerpt from The Road to Gondwana (which I haven't yet read but plan to), Berger on Hikmet, two poems by Dilip Chitre, who passed awat last month (all the above three are in translation); a new series called Padaus I and finally, Aseem Kaul on Saphho.


Not sure why I haven't linked to the wonderful Mumbai Paused sooner. I especially love Gopal's Work Space Mumbai Series.


Finally, Slavoj Žižek, who is travelling in India.

His full schedule can be found on the Navayana site. This evening - in about an hour - he will speak at Sarai-CSDS.

Hyderabad, Jan 9 at EFLU. Damn it, no. It's on the 7th and I'm missing it.

7 Jan 2010. 11 a.m. Lecture
“Capitalism and Particular Life-Worlds: In Defense of Universalism”
Interlocutor: Madhava Prasad
ICSSR Auditorium, English & Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad

Aditya Nigam at Kafila on Žižek.


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km said...

Really enjoying the Mumbaipaused blog.

//And that essay on reading Sappho.