Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Or at least that is what I expect later this afternoon.*

Stay tuned.

Update: I really liked the film! What's more, I don't think going into it with low expectations had anything to do with it.

RDJr. was awesome and for the first time ever, I liked Jude Law (he should totally frown more and nag hot men more).

That Kashkari lookalike villain was a huge let down though.

The film: it had the Lock Stock stamp all over it, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The reconstructive flashbacks, for instance, worked pretty well, because they simultaneously expanded the narrative to show what wasn't shown before, while also being a clearly separate point of view (such as Irene Adler's walking to climb into the carriage waiting for her and Holmes' follwoing her shortly after).

For me the most interesting thing was (and I'm not really going to elaborate very much) the shift from a rational/mystical perspective that is set up early on in the film and its overturning in the end, and how it can be read as the use of power in a time of Empire.

Blackwood's justification for the ritualistic sacrifices could just as easily have been an argument advanced by a colonial type; there's evidence everywhere of nation and empire building, and the technology that aids such enterprise and yet superstition and fear abound and can be used. It takes a Holmes to see smoke and mirrors for the tricks they are.

Did I say how much I love RDJr? As Watson recognised (and said as much) he's gorgeous!


*Tho I still have an inexplicable crush on R.D.Jr.


Falstaff said...

I didn't think it was that bad, though I suspect this is mostly because RDj can do no wrong in my eyes. Plus I thought the casting of Jude Law was kind of inspired. It takes a very special lack of talent to take a role as meaty as the one Watson has in that film and still manage to come across as bland and dull-witted. Whatshername was terrible though.

Hari Batti said...

I await your review with interest!

Aishwarya said...

I really enjoyed it, actually.

km said...

As Watson recognised (and said as much) he's gorgeous

Pardon the 'netspeak, but LOL WUT?!?

Space Bar said...

km: well, actually, he says, "you look gorgeous". he does. i promise.

km said...

What is this, "Hounds of Brokeback Mountain"?

Space Bar said...

km: exactly that! much fun, actually. lots of chemistry in the film.

Aditi said...

I am suspicious of people who don't have crushes on RDj. I used to dream of growing up and marrying someone like him.

Hollywood is so full of ugly people these days. I watched a movie with a guy name Gerard Butler in it. The name was so promising -- like Colin Firth (can't act, the poor chap) -- but he looks like a troll. And that Robert Pattinson. WHY HAVE WE SACRIFICED THE MEANING OF TRUE BEAUTY?

I'm back now.

Interesting that you liked the film. I've only heard terrible things about it. Maybe I shall watch it after all. I was planning to avoid it like the plague.

Space Bar said...

aditi: oh you must watch the film! and totally agree about the sacrifice of beauty - Beauty has always been sacrificed, but not like this!

Scherezade said...

Marc Strong should stick to playing Hani Salaam in all his future movies though.

Space Bar said...

scherezade: :D well, i haven't seen him in that role but i get what you're saying.