Sunday, January 24, 2010


Puri, January 2010. Hard afternoon light. Behind me, food stalls. Even farther behind, clothes drying on guest house balconies. From somewhere, temple bells.

No, I didn't see the temple.

(can you see the ship way off in the distance? either the light is drowning it or it's a good marriageable distance out in the waters.)


km said...

Never look at pictures of beaches shot in a hard afternoon light on gray winter afternoons.

/marriageable distance :)

Space Bar said...

km: :D aren;t you happy, though, so see some blue skies and hot sand?

km said...

There's something about Indian beaches in the afternoon....the light's harsh (and flat) and yet they are beautiful to look at.

dipali said...

I loved the beach at Puri, and yes, I could see the ship!