Thursday, March 18, 2010

From the Bestiary: The Cliché-headed Blurb-backed Monster


The blurb-backed monster made its debut here. In the last few days, s/he's grown heads made of clichés.

Please feed the monster in the comments*: lay out natural environment, food, enemies and so on.

Previous peeves include the use of phrases such as ROTFLMAO, but you'll just have to search, since I haven't tagged all posts.

Talking of peeves, my recent bugbears include 'relentless' and 'endless'. I only have to glimpse these two words to switch off - in most cases, it's a complete shut-down; but sometimes, if I like the writer, it's a temporary blackout that lasts a page (unless I really, really like the writer, in which case I can recover myself after about a paragraph or so).

Did I ever say I how discovered Serafini? Oh yes, I did.


*Let's make our bestiaries interactive. Maybe I can sell it to Facebook.


Hari Batti said...

Readers of all ages will be won over by this--it is a gripping, compelling romp of a post--laugh out loud funny in fact (there's something here for the whole family). As always, Spacebar compels her readers to enter the world she's created, to consider the cliches they can't live without, the ones that give meaning to this crazy thing we call life... this is a must-read from one who is a master of many forms.

Space Bar said...

not one single clear-eyed head on that blurb. tchah!

km said...

Wow. That illustration's something. (Just checked - the cheapest copy of the Codex sells for 500 dollars.)

Oh God. I sometimes read the NY Times Book Review only to collect blurbs and cliches.

//Is LMAO acceptable? And just plain ROTFL? (Ah, the good old 'Net. We had ROTFL and we had LMAO. Then the newbies merged the two. How *dare* they laugh so hard?)