Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tree of Gold

Spring in the air.

(to which Freddie Threepwood, I think, asked, "Why should I?")


dipali said...

I saw them blooming today, and thought of you.
And it's too hot already to spring anywhere:(

km said...

Shoo! Shoo!!

There's snow on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Not Freddie Threepwood, but one of George Mikhail's imperfectly Angilicized Hungarian immigrants in Fifties' London. They were also in the habit of asking the fruit-seller for a dozen "bloody oranges".

theinsider said...

Ah, does this mean I get to be a spring baby? But do think I need more than a tree of gold to induce me to come out.

Space Bar said...

dipali: :-) thank you!

km: Soon there will be pictures of mangoes.

anon: bloody oranges sounds like something from a particularly gruesome holi.

toshi: you're protesting? you might not like the methods they use to induce you to come out - would a pungamaram tempt you?

kbpm said...