Friday, March 26, 2010

solar, desertec

Not that they're (un)related. Consider it free-association.

1. M. John Harrison's  review of Ian MceEwan's Solar:

2.Desertec* (which had at least one journalist - from Bombay - drooling, back in October in Hamburg).


*Should I have said, Heart of Darkness?

Review link via someone's blog - can't remember whose now, but it's one of the usual lit suspects.

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Hari Batti said...

I'm a big solar power supporter, but when you look at it, you realize that without reduction in consumption, solar will be impossible as a real alternative. Otherwise, we will literally have to convert real farms into solar farms and learn how to turn green and live on sunlight ourselves! I also think that in the future we will find that the more decentralized power options we can build, the better! This desertec makes me nervous for many reasons.
(I'll read the other review in a day or two).