Sunday, March 21, 2010


A shout out for Lamakaan.

Some friends have been months in preparation and it looks good. If you have a play you want to put up, a reading, screening or performance; if you want a space for rehearsals, this is to let you know that the folks at Lamakaan are open to hosting you.

(Lamakaan is on Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, opposite GVK One Mall (I really wish I didn't have to use malls as landmarks), and just off the main road. If you're coming from Masab Tank, it's the next left after the turn into Road No. 4.)

They opened with a performance by The Warsi Brothers (who, by all accounts, were warming up at around 2am). On Monday, 22nd, there's a reading of Sri Sri's poetry. The months ahead will have many exciting events.

Hyderabadis frequently moan about how accessible cultural spaces have vanished. Y'all can stop now. Or do your moaning at Lamakaan over Irani chai and samosas.

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Ludwig said...

> Some friends have been months in preparation

Hee hee.