Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Sexy Motherpucker. Also known as gift. I can't help feeling, though, that if I do use it, I might end up looking like Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her.

I have lovely friends.

'Made in the UK for the Soap and Glory Cosmetics Co.'

Yes. Soaps and Glory.

You're welcome.


dipali said...


Elahe said...

...and sold in Thailand.

Space Bar said...

dipali: no no! i am very pleased.

elahe: yes, I forgot to mention that.

??! said...

There's a bunch of these. They have been gifted to friends too :)

km said...


Just for the reference to Prince's song.

Banno said...

Looks cool. :)Will go with your bald look, no??

kbpm said...

ooh death becomes her. a fav. a fav. despite the very conspicuous hole in the center of body.

Space Bar said...

??!: tell me more!

km: :D *want*, for yourself?

banno: oh yes! maybe I should, after all, go skinheaded.

kbpm: i love that film too but i really wouldn't want to look botox-lipped like hawn. :)

km said...

Yes, for myself.

So sexist, sheesh.

Space Bar said...

km: of course not! i was just wondering if i could just send it to you. (but i think i'm growing attached to it.)