Monday, April 12, 2010

The Stuttering Element

Please welcome No. 117 on the Periodic Table: Ununseptium.

But Sam Kean at 3QD says we should 'be prepared for disenchantment.'.


Cheshire Cat said...

Ununseptium: isn't that just septium?

km said...

From yesterday's NYT Book Review:

“I want to thank the Poetry Center for putting up my poem ‘The Periodic Table of the Elements.’ ” He then proceeded to give a mock-dramatic rendition of the symbols, left to right, down the page. “H, He, Li, Be!” he panted, growled and spluttered. “Why!?” he complained when he got to yttrium (Y). “I!” he declared solemnly for iodine, as if toasting his own ego."

(Full review here)

Space Bar said...

cat: oon oon does not a double negative make. :D

km: yes, i saw that!