Sunday, April 25, 2010

which is preferable?

35C and 81% humidity or 43C and 18% humidity? (I didn't make that neat inversion up.)

Me, I'm thrilled to be back where hot means all the moisture is sucked out of you without your having to go to the trouble of sweating it out.

Yes, I'm back.


dipali said...

Dry heat any day! It kills you in a different way. Godji in his infinite wisdom has made sure that I spend much of my life in hot and humid climes.

parotechnics said...

does this mean all that boasting about shaving your head was FAKE?????

Space Bar said...

dipali: that's such a bummer! but then, you're closer to the hills. :-)

paro: what?! either you or i had too much beer - i thought everyone else was talking about shaved heads and i was just listening in admiring silence.

Banno said...

Space Bar, you were part of the pact. Only Paro vehemently refused to part with any of her hair. :)

I've abandoned humid climes for dry heat myself. In Baroda.

Falstaff said...

Personally, I prefer 16 C and 40% humidity. Which is what it is outside right now.

Have I mentioned how much I love Spring?

dipali said...

What hills? They don't impinge on my weather:(

Space Bar said...

banno: oh, did i? can't imagine why, seeing as it's taken me the better part of two years to grow my hair this long. it was the beer talking through me.

falsie: stop bragging now!

dipali: they're close enough for you to run away to if you like?

km said...

A true inversion would be 53C and 18% humidity.

That, I believe, is Beelzebub's home.

dipali said...

Running away from Kolkata is not possible in the foreseeable future:(