Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Another poet cop

After Adam Dalgliesh, meet Inspector Chen Cao. And his creator, Qiu Xiaolong.

(Landmark sales are A Good Thing. I got this, The Right Attitude to Rain and The China Lover together for 99 bucks. Hardcover.)


Banno said...

Oh I like poet cops. Will look out for this one. Didn't know Landmark was having a sale. :(

Space Bar said...

Banno: I don't think they were. There was a table with some books they must've wanted to get rid of, so I got these. Paro knows all about Chen. In fact, she made me watch this.

:D Thanks Paro!

Fëanor said...

I've only read 'Death of a Red Heroine', which was a good time pass. Cao does philosophise a lot, which is a bit wearying. What did you think of your lot?

Space Bar said...

Feanor: I knew you'd have read something of his! :D I liked Loyal Character Actor. The plot and all wasn't terribly complex but I found the whole American in Shanghai and poetry-quoting cop thing interesting. Also recollections of the Cultural Revolution, food (food! A snake is killed and its blood drunk! You need it for your blog!) and such-like.

This story is set in the early 90's. I'd like to see how he does the later stories.

SUR NOTES said...

I got introduced to the inspector while hanging around waiting for a friend at the New Friends Colony market. A pirated, second hand book seller on the pavement had it. I picked it up on reading the blurb- poet-inspector caught my eye. Since then i have been hooked. After i finished tripping on the book i googled him and realised his cult status.