Friday, September 03, 2010

The Cat Who Was Slow On The Draw

The Landmark sale started today. I have to say, when I picked up books last week, they averaged off at 50 bucks. Today was more expensive, but I got some good stuff and one brilliant find.

Good stuff included Marai's The Rebels (tr. George Szirtes) and The State Counsellor by Boris Akunin. These were on sale, so they count as good.

Great finds were P.D.James' book of essays on crime fiction and Cosmicomics.

The brilliant find? This was at the bottom of a pile of books on massive discount: The Best American Poetry 2007 Guest Ed Heather McHugh.

Was shopping with Cat, who is in town, and I beat him to it! I am awesome! As is the book! Seriously. This one by Nicky Beer, for instance. (Cat, you should tell me which poem you wanted to read and I'll post it here).

I think Cat bought more than he can take back, but nothing - not even the discovery of Gladys Mitchell, which he didn't buy - is going to make up for his not seeing BAP 2007 before I did.


Cheshire Cat said...

All the fault of the old conger-eel - Drawling and Stretching forsooth.

Edson, please!

Space Bar said...

Cat: I wanted to link to the Edson but the poem's not available online! Will post.

Fëanor said...

Cosmicomics? Calvino? I found that I could only read the stories one or two at a time. Very good in parts, but exhausting in the long run. Perhaps the brain is incapable of focussing after too much Interneting.

amruta patil said...

Most satisfactory. And you found Cosmicomics! Midlands has been squatting on my order for weeks now - the one I ordered for you, that is :)