Tuesday, September 21, 2010

literary allusions

I loved that Dabang referenced Mohammed Hanif. Ve-ry nice.

Also, that film should *not* be shown in a multiplex. It needs a theatre with curtains that part, where there are lower and upper stalls and a balcony. Also, people must have loose change.

(Though the Khan's face sometimes looked inflexible...botox?)


km said...

What was the Hanif reference?

//Other Indian filmmakers need to pay attention to the Hindi used in this film.

Space Bar said...

km: You saw the film? It was completely literal! :D

km said...

I did.

But "completely literal"? Please explain.

Anonymous said...

its his acting style, spacebar.practiced to perfection. flex the muscles, keep the face static plastic.

going with some loose change to see it. alas, there will be no curtains.


Space Bar said...

km: you are determined to make me air spoilers! think of the title of hanif's book and then think of the film.

sur: don't read above! you're probably right about the khan's acting style - i didn't see wanted, so i have a much older memory of his acting. (i'm still not ruling out the botox.)

km said...

OMFG. Now I get it. Duh.

suparna said...

oh and there's William Golding in the dialogue too, early in the movie! guess that was easier to do, lol..

Sue said...

We watched Robot at a multiplex last night and people turned around disapprovingly because I hooted, hollered, clapped and cheered. What can I say, I was brought up right, I was brought up in the South.

So I didn't get up and dance. On the other hand, OK, the songs didn't really call out to me so much either. But it's the principle of the thing. :(

Space Bar said...

suparna: that slipped by me!

sue: i must go this week - last week was imposs. i should take chillar with me?

Sue said...

Depends on where you see it! A garland would be a nice touch. :)