Tuesday, September 07, 2010

"mysterious adventures in the country of language"

France's left-wing Liberation newspaper suggests Hollywood may be better off if Godard stays away from the ceremony. "Godard's speeches have become mysterious adventures in the country of language," it says. "It would be interesting to measure their effects on the American public."

So apparently Godard's got the letter telling him he's being given an honorary Oscar, but he won't say anything except a thank you to inquisitive reporters. His partner asks, "Would you go all that way just for a bit of metal?"

Apparently many people would, absurd though it sounds when she puts it that way.

Actually, they should send someone over like they did with Ray. Maybe Isabelle Huppert - with Uncle Oscar. And while JLG refuses to so much as twitch the curtains to see what's happening outside, they chould have Herzog follow Huppert around the house, filming the attempt to give the man his statuette. Herzog can whisper confidentially to the camera as Huppert stalks around and yells incomprehensible obscenities at the blank windows; maybe Depardieu can make a short appearance just to play the violin in Herzog's face and Herzog can turn around, pull out a gun and threaten to shoot Depardieu or himself, before being overcome with nostalgia. Godard can then put up cut out signs in his window telling people to kindly fuck off.

All this can then be screened at the Oscars to a standing ovation.


parotechnics said...

it's too funny - the article, your post - they're all little scripts of their own.

Banno said...

True, true, what a hilarious film it would make. And wonder what the effect would be on future students of film making? Specially at FTII. :-)

Space Bar said...

I think some enterprising short film maker - either of you, for instance - should make some such film and send it to the Oscars anyway, as an outside-the-competition entry in the short film category.

Jabberwock said...

Now that's a film I would pay a great deal of money to see! Might even help finance it. *Nudges Paro and Banno*

Space Bar said...

Jai! You're still around!

Actually, that film shouldn't be too hard to make, just by creatively editing JLG's own films. What fun that would be.

Jabberwock said...

Can you imagine Kinski and Huppert in the same frame? The reel would burn and go up in smoke.

And what do you mean "still around" - where did you think I was?

Also, why do you have comment moderation AND that stupid word verification thing on together?

Space Bar said...

Oh yes - I should take the wv off now that I have comment moderation on. Thanks for pointing it out.

And Kinski - wonder what JLG would have made of him if he'd put the man in his films.

km said...

Herzog can turn around, pull out a gun and threaten to shoot Depardieu or himself

You do know that bullets can't hurt Herzog, right?

Space Bar said...

km: have you tried silver ones?

km said...

Silver bullet? Bah.

Even the threat of an exploding automobile doesn't faze Herzog.

*That's* who he is.