Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Karachi Diary: Day 2 ealry morning

The early morning needs to be said because I was up at 4.40 only to realise that my phone died in the night and my alarm would not work. I
ve made myself tea and am waiting for the crows to tell me it's properly morning before I call my mother.

In a couple of hours, we'll be grabbing breakfast on the run, on our way to Habib University, where I meet four young poets and Kavery 15 young fiction writers. I have given them a huge set to look at and my night's anxieties included lying awake wondering what I would do if they forgot to bring the poems with them.

I have been teaching middle school children for too long.

Outside my window the lights along the creek are blazing orange. In Hyderabad the sun might be about to rise but here it is still not dawn.

I have  little time to gather myself and my thoughts before the morning comes. If I look at this moment for too long, or sideways, I might find I am like a person in my own poems.

Maybe I should call home now.

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