Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lahore Diary: Goodbye Lahore

We came, we saw, we left.

This is the short version.

The long version is: police verification early, a hasty breakfast bolted down, workshop with some fantastic kids, a hasty lunch, shopping at Liberty and Beech Tree/Khadi, a grabbed dinner, an early night. Followed by a more leisurely morning, with a little walk, a day out in the old city and some strategic re-packing. 

Now, for dinner in a couple of hours, followed by another early night because of - you guessed it! - an early flight.

You will ask Neruda-like questions and perhaps I ought to give you Neruda-like answers but I will say it with photographs. They will tell you how I saw the city just as clearly as what it was I was able to see.

Now? Of course not. Once I'm back.

Lahore, hello-goodbye.

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