Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Karachi Diary: Day 2 night

By rights I ought to misspell night, to be even-handed and impartial. Surely I must suffer from typing thumbs late as I clearly do early? Or, ealry.

Anyway. I am exhausted but I must report that I will shortly have things to say about donkeys.

That is all.

[for now].

Ok, fine. I'll tell you one thing: there are many of them on the roads and they are all uniformly adorable and just half an hour ago, I saw two donkey carts transporting really large steel rafters and someone should rescue donkeys from such cruel and unusual punishment, though it's mainly the rescue story that I will save for later.

Another thing about one donkey I saw: it was hurried along by the cart driver with a paper bag rattled by its ears. Dried beans? Something truly scary?

The third and final thing [for now]: there are donkey markets. We will probably not get to see it though. Sometimes I feel that the most useful and interesting things are the ones that you never get to see when you're travelling elsewhere. It's all heresay and anecdotal evidence. Produce the donkeys, I say, and I'll believe there's a market for them.

Just to prove that I am done with donkeys for the moment, I have to tell you that I saw the sweetest tree of kettles in a crowded market lane in between somewhere busy and somewhere posh. Like, you know shoe trees? Only, this was a kettle tree. Even in the almost-dark I could tell there were blue ones and green ones and they hold maybe two cups of water and I want one and I probably will not manage to get one and how can I leave Pakistan without a tea kettle.

No, I'm not tipsy - what kind of a question is that? - just exhausted and I had silly thoughts and instead of getting out my notebook and the pen I have handily tucked away into it, I thought it was right and just that I take out my laptop, connect to an iffy wifi and tell you these things instead of keeping it all quiet and private.

Until tomorrow, then, good night.

One of these days I will have coherent, thoughtful things to say about my trip. But not now.

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??! said...

Loving these. Encore, encore.

You're almost tempting me to start posting again.