Friday, April 10, 2015

Afzal Ahmed Syed 'A Dog's Death'

Yesterday, I didn't post a poem because I was out all day and then sprained my neck (or something) and then it sort of rained and there was no question of being online.

This morning, I am sifting through things I do not want to and with a sense of relief, I found someone on twitter had linked to this poem by Afzal Ahmed Syed. That in turn made me pull out his collection Rococo and Other Worlds, from which this poem below:
 Rococo and Other Worlds
 Rococo and Other Worlds
 Rococo and Other Worlds

A Dog’s Death

by Afzal Ahmed Syed translated by Musharraf Ali Farooqi

Air Vice-Marshal Manocher Nadirshaw
taking his dinner
during a civilian flight
chokes on a bone
and dies

Throw another dog
before just such a bone

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Anonymous said...

that poem on the asymptote page on the urdu language is beautiful!