Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Sawsan al-Areeque 'More Than Necessary'

One of my friends at the IWP was a writer and filmmaker from Yemen. It was the first time ever that the IWP was hosting a writer from that country. Now, things are a mess in Yemen and I have spent the last week worrying about Sawsan. 

This is one of her poems. I am remembering her reading this poem aloud in Arabic; a little gesture emphasising a word or a line. I hope she is okay.
 More Than Necessary

translated by Sawsan al-Areeque & Willa C. Richards
When I allow myself
to be myself
I am surprised
that the rose on the balcony
more than necessary
and nighttime in the city’s face
more than necessary
and the moon on my dining table
is too near.
Then I decide to allow myself
to be half myself
until I do not feel these things
more than is necessary.

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