Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scroll Poetry Column 2: Heard melodies

I have been wrestling with the formatting of a poem and if I can't figure it out, I will scan it and put up an image.

In the meantime, what I thought was a fortnightly column for Scroll has apparently been changed into a weekly. The second column is now up here.

In it, I find myself talking once more about a teacher of mine, and Eliot and Leonard Cohen. Oh and AK Ramanujan. 


Anonymous said...

hi. there is something wrong with the URL. maybe there is an additional "here." and a colon ":" missing?

Space Bar said...

Anon: Changed it. Do check if it works now?

Anonymous said...

evocative piece! (i corrected the url and could see the page.)

it brought back memories of a poem we memorized happily in school - 'where the mind is without fear'. although, in later years, that poem seemed incredulous. a painful reminder of everything the world around me wasn't. then one angry night, i just rewrote it in way that made sense to me.

sharing here:

where the mind is without fear and fearlessness
where the head is neither held high, nor hung low, but is settled still
where knowledge is free from vulgar currency,
and is repaid in its own kind
where the world, broken, finds wholeness in each fragment
and a path in each wall
where truth does not need words for expression
where tired striving comes to rest from seeking the fallacy of perfection
where the charted stream of reason loses its way in the sands of un-reason
where the mind needs no leader, but moves by living impulses
in that convergence of thought and action
in that ground of being, let me be

Anonymous said...

yes. works!

km said...

Loved this column!

One of my guilty pleasures is leafing through song lyrics and I've noticed that songs that leave a stronger impression are the ones I *haven't* heard. So there is something to be said about seeing a poem on a page.

/that Ramanujan poem is all kinds of wonderful.

//your captcha shows pictures of pasta and now I am hungry