Sunday, May 06, 2007

Plug for Appa

My friend, Appa, has just started another blog after abandoning his old one. 'So you thought only moms can blog?' was his cheeky one-line mail introducing some of us to On Fatherhood. (The reference to blogging moms was, of course, a nod to the indefatigable Mad Momma).

Now, in general, I can only occasionally read very personal blogs; I can't imagine what anyone would find interesting in my personal life, and find other peoples' accounts of their everyday lives incredibly boring, no matter how amusingly recounted. The exceptions are likely to be friends who now live in different cities, and with whom one feels in touch because of reading their blog. The Mad Momma being a case in point.

But Appa's blog I'm going to watch out for. Whether he's writing about his three-week-old daughter needing a character certificate from a Goverment official to obtain a passport, or outlining what it's like to be an apprentice vagabond, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy reading this one.

Do check out. (Appa, blogroll!)

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