Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sugar-free diabetes

I'm happy to say I haven't watched Cheeni Kum. It has been so universally reviled that I feel relieved I didn't expend the energy required to go to the theatre, buy a ticket, popcorn and an aereated drink only to endure two or more hours of 'alternative' cinema.

My filmmaker friend Batul (who has made a wonderful film with and for children) has several cutting things to say about the film. Please read. But she has one good thing to say:

The only saving grace of the film is the father of Sexy, who limits his lines and appearances to giving medical reports about her - "She is dying, she is dying, she is dead". Wish everyone else in the film served some such purpose, and did it as briefly as he does.

Heh! All dark clouds etc.

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