Monday, May 14, 2007

Protests over Chandramohan's arrest and Panikkar's suspension

I could do no better than to point you to Peter's blog. He has comprehensive post about what is happening. All over India, there will be protests at 6pm at various places, details below:

Date and time for all: 14th May, 2007, 6p.m.


New Delhi - Rabindra Bhavan
Mumbai - Jehangir Gallery
Vishakapatnam - Faculty of Fine Arts, Andhra University
Cochin - Kashi Art Café
Hyderabad - Fine Arts, S N School, University of Hyderabad
Bangalore - M G Road, opposite Gandhi statue
Santiniketan - Kala Bhavan
Guwahati - Press Club

Those attending are requested to wear black and/or white.

(I'm highlighting Hyderabad for obvious reasons.)

I would urge everyone who is reading this and is in one of the cities listed above, to participate.

Every time something like this happens, my first reaction is a mix of disbelief and laughter. It would be easy to brush off these things with an Obelix-like toc, toc, toc and a 'These Hindutvavadis are crazy', were it not for the fact that these events occur more and more frequently, and people suffer imprisonment, exile, suspension and years of legal battles as a consequence.

It's important to protest this in any way we can, not only because some day it could be us, but also because every time we concede to others the right to silence us, we step into a cage of our own making.

Or, in Laurence Liang's words which I've quoted before, 'the answer to problematic speech is not silence, but more speech.'

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