Monday, May 21, 2007

Spaniard Turns One

Or, in which Statutory Navel Gazing and Blogispection happens.

Interior. Early morning. A study.

Space Bar sits at a computer typing away. The room is dark, lit only by the monitor. At the edge of what is visible, are several bookshelves punctuated by the occasional light-coloured spines of books. There is a fan that often whirrs and hums but it is off at this time. Space Bar is careful to type softly, lest those who sleep in the adjoining bedroom should wake.

Take 1.

Spaniard turns one! Gosh!

I’m actually surprised that I’ve kept this blog going for one whole year, posting something – anything – nearly every week. I can’t remember which came first: the thought that it might be fun to have a blog, or the name of the blog, which then demanded that I post to get it started and keep it going.

Cut. Too exclamatory and Dear Diary-ish. And incoherent.

Take 2.

It seems almost mandatory for every blogger to introspect on the reasons why s/he blogs and anniversaries seem to amplify this urge. I find such introspection especially hard to do, because it would mean I know the kind of writing I want to do in that space; it only remains then, to sort out the ‘why’. But I'm not even sure of that.

Some people write very personal, journal-like blogs – almost a form of thinking aloud. As Take 1 will indicate, I can’t do that (and this is the place to emphasise that this goes only for me. I have no problem with people who do have personal blogs.) And though I’ve had several posts on cinema and poetry, some on books, some posts that are links, most are what could be categorised as Misc. At the end of one year, I’m still not sure why I have a blog or what I really intend to do with it. After all, I deleted the first one I had; this should augur ill for this one. But given that I spend the time immediately after I put up a post in a state of mild euphoria, followed by two days of complacency and then a rapidly escalating sense of tension (I have to post! I have to post!), that doesn’t seem very likely.

(Aside: notice also, that this post, like the life of my blog, is still going strong in its second avatar. Hmm.)

I can understand why journalists blog, and why they are so widely read when they do. It’s a place where they can give themselves the space to explore all the thoughts they can’t in the media they engage in. They can be more informal, and have conversations about their work. At the very least, it is a place for them to store their published work. But I am not a journalist.

I think of a blog as a lit space surrounded by a pool of darkness. Why I find writing about my life or more personal matters difficult (apart from my inability to understand how anyone could be possibly be interested) is that it feels uncomfortably close to being a Lady Godiva figure at a lit window at night. Do I pretend the curtains are drawn and this space is indeed a private journal? Or do I assume that there will be people looking in? And having assumed that, would I ignore that fact and do what I would otherwise do? (Is that even possible?)

I prefer to think of this space as a stage instead, and necessarily an artificial one. If I must be in the lit space, I may as well offer something else than a slice of my boring life. And if the light leaches out into the dark places and draws in some figures every once in a while who will participate, so much the better.

Like several such spaces that hold a few people in for a period of time, blogs can become a real world sufficient in itself. We know each other by our real or assumed names and our opinions. If we do not know the personal details of each others’ lives, we know, through the writing, what any given person is likely to think, or how s/he will react. Even what we react to are often the same things. We live in an echo chamber and we find our choruses rather pleasant – even the occasional dissonance (who was it said you can have no harmony if everyone sings the same note?).

I enjoy that. I enjoy the eventual sense of community, the opinions that people hold, the way they express themselves and the conversations. I read several blogs for these reasons; I can only assume that someone somewhere likes to read mine for similar reasons.

So…Spaniard turns one.

Thank you all for reading!


SUR NOTES said...

and i love the misc. nature of your blog. not sure when i click on your link what i will find today- a book, a film, a meeting, an accident... blog on... and we want more photo post from someone who is known to take great stills!

Ash said...

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Alok said...

congrats! i like the misc nature of your blog too.

Would love to read more of your film-related enthusiasms...

zigzackly said...

Cheers! And here's to many more.

Space Bar said...

Sur, Alok, Zig: Thanks! More photo posts, more cinema posts. Wokay.

Cheshire Cat said...

"a Lady Godiva figure at a lit window at night"

Errr, you write au naturel, do you? That's one way to increase readership :)

I'd like more posts on Kiarostami's "Five"!

Space Bar said...

Cheshire Cat: er...I do not do a Lady Godiva. Read sentence again, please.

And I did do a post on Five! You want another one on the same film, or another like it on other films?

Cheshire Cat said...

I know you did a post on "Five", but it was overcome by circumstance - those blasted philistines in Baroda. Actually, I wouldn't mind daily posts on "Five". It's an inexhaustible movie. Possibly an entire blog could be dedicated to it. But I'm uncomfortably aware that this could happen only if I took the initiative, both in terms of the writing and the reading :)

Space Bar said...

It's an inexhaustible movie

Too true! Start a blog and call it One dedicated to Kiarostami. :D I shall post comments every day.

anurag said...

Congrats, Space Bar !

Space Bar said...

Anurag: Thanks!

The Mad Momma said...

congrats... adn we want to keep coming back for more so dont shut down and go away please! busy and famour authors are not allowed to leave blog readers high and dry