Friday, September 28, 2007

'nobody can inspire my wallet on a local train. But I can steal a line I hear from a commuter'

So says Sriram Raghavan on Rediff, defending charges that Johnny Gaddar is inspired by Tarantino.

I haven't seen the film yet, but he has a point; there's inspiration and there's 'inspiration' in the way many people making mainstream cinema use it - where it's shorthand for plagiarism. And I'd go watch the film if for no other reason than because he wrote that line in the title.

Via Jai


Ludwig said...

just saw it, quite enjoyable. it will flop, of course, so better catch it before it sinks. lots of homage to movies and so on, you will get a lot more out of it than i did, i'm thinking.

Jabberwock said...

Very solid, very entertaining film - do try and see it because, as Ludwig points out, it will probably play for a couple of weeks to empty halls. And yes, thankfully Raghavan hasn't "inspired" any wallets - the one time he comes close to doing so (with the early Amitabh starrer Parwaana), he actually plays scenes from the original to show how one of his characters has been inspired by it!

Space Bar said...

Ludwig, Jai: Yes, yes. Will watch. After Manorama, Loins of Punjab there's this, Dil Dosti and god knows what else in the coming weeks. PVR should just pay me for living in their theatre!