Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Owl Jools

It's a long story, but Black Mamba was basically ready to have a heart attack when she heard about the owls on pink wool. This is merely to reassure her that all was tastefully done. Banno will vouch for it.


blackmamba said...

nice. very educational. one has never seen owls in Indian ethnic joolary before. elephants, peacocks, horses, camels, doves, monkeys, deer, but no owls.

btw, I have these lovely pink silk wound bangles that would go so well with this. no flora / fauna, plain silk and gold.

Space Bar said...

yes, lovely, aren't they? now you post photo of the unfauna bangles. we can open a virtual joory museum.

dipali said...

What delightful owls! Stunning.
Please tell us the long story.