Monday, September 03, 2007


Yes, I will explain. Though it has something to do with what you think it is.

I was wrong about what I thought would happen when Bergman popped it. No such thing. It turns out Bergman and another distinguished gentleman who followed him soon after, referred to in the title, are both in Purgatorio. everything illuminated? No?

This will explain:

Another figure emerges on the horizon, startling B into hushed whispers.

Bergman: But who? A new punishment? An ex-wife? (shudders) E-E-Elliott Gould?

His slow gait and aristocratic bearing reveal the approaching figure to be MICHELANGELO ANTONIONI. Even relieved in the afterlife of some of his stroke-induced disability, he's taking a long time to reach B.

Bergman: Fan ta mig, that bastard always did love long takes...

At long last, A reaches B They size each other up in silence, B's pout curdling into a scowl and A remaining courtly, impassive.


Link courtesy rs's comment on Falstaff's post on Welsh Girl.


David Raphael Israel said...


rs said...

i like your theory better
and why credit me for something I haven't even written. i left it there coz I read falstaff's poem for bergman

Space Bar said...

dri: :-)

rs: credit where credit's due: I read it only because you provided the link.