Monday, September 24, 2007

ryhmes with brown

You know those colour rhymes we used to do as kids? Red, red, go to bed. Yellow yellow dirty fellow. That kind of thing?

You will be happy to know that kids these days are not as sappy as we appear to have been - I mean, did we really say green green fairy queen? What were we thinking?

Yesterday I found out that school playgrounds these days have a rhyme for brown.

Brown, brown
pull your chuddies up and down.

No kidding.

Apropos of rhymes, verses and children, Saturday's Poetry Society meet had someone present a worthy paper on children and poetry. The one high point of it was this poem by Robert Graves.


??! said...

Wasn't it "Red, red, soosoo in the bed?"

Space Bar said...

that's what my son told me it was...gues it was being in a convent school at that age that did it. We had bowdlerised versions. :-(

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Has anyone heard of this one?

Red Yellow Blue,
A dirty Kangaroo...

I'm afraid to finish it...but if you know it I won't have to!

Space Bar said...

ms cutie pants: please finish it. i've always wanted an nc17 rating for my blog.