Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Avatar with Rosemarino and Garlic

I'm talking about Roberto Benigni in Jim Jarmusch's Down By Law. I like him better here than when he's shouting buon giorno principessa! and climbing over chairs to grab at golden statuettes.

Watch. And I'll be back with a longish post tomorrow.


Falstaff said...

Nice. Though my favorite parts of his performance here are still the Frost references, and that hilarious scene at the diner when he goes in to check out the place and never comes out.

Space Bar said...

I totally don't remember the Frost references...dammit! This means I'll have to watch it again.

Falstaff said...

You really should if you don't remember the 'Bob' Frost bits. And don't miss the two roads diverging in a yellow wood at the end.