Thursday, December 27, 2007

Readings in Chennai, 28th and 29th December

Off to Chennai today for the Poetry with Prakriti readings. My readings are:

Friday, 28th:

11am: Forum (Padmanabha Nagar main road Post office turn from Besant Avenue towards Shastri Nagar)

6pm: Landmark (City Centre)

Saturday, 29th:

11am: Apparao Galleries (7, Wallace Gardens, 3rd Street, Nungambakkam)

6.30 pm: Subway Nungambakkam.(Wallace Road turn from Nungambakkam hIghroad or M.G.Road after Taj Coramandel)

I have no idea where any of these places are*. I'm hoping that others will not be as ignorant and will know where to come!

See y'all soon!

Regular blogging resumes, despite the imminent end of the year, on Sunday.

* I still don't. I've just c/p'd the directions and addresses from a mail!


dipali said...

Wish I was there! All the best, Space Bar:)

Rahul said...

It was nice to meet you today. I enjoyed the poetry, will absorb it at leisure. As often happens, later today I came across a quote from Hugh Lawrie that seems equally applicable to poetry readings: "Wodehouse on the page can be taken in the reader's own time; on the screen, the beautiful sentence often seems to whip by, like an attractive member of the opposite sex glimpsed from the back of a cab."

Space Bar said...

Dipali: you as good as were. met your teacher! Many connections emerged.

Rahul: Was very nice to meet you too. Thanks so much for coming! You'll be glad to know that was the best of my four readings.

Rahul said...

Well, glad to know that we attended the best rearding, and sorry to know that the others didn't live up to the first. I suppose the venue also made a difference.

A comment -- you attributed "Half of what I say is meaningless" to The Beatles, but in fact Lennon borrowed that line from Kahlil Gibran. We enjoyed what you did with it, though!

Anonymous said...

So Subway was the best, in the end? :D Am thrilled to hear it!

Space Bar said...

Rahul: And I never knew that! Thank you so much for that. It's just made my own reading of that poem a little different.

Sharanya: No, no! Where did I say Subway was the best?! I meant my Forum reading was the best, followed by the Apparao Gallery reading. (another post about the readings coming up! Was great to meet you - thanks for hanging out).