Wednesday, June 13, 2007

critters and things

dreadfully, dreadfully tired. been up since half past four, post!

Jaipur, on the lawns of whatsisname's palace where the Lit Fest happened. Yes, it's from that long ago.
The next five are the world outside my window. I have yet to get a handle on the macro feature of my camera.

Now this beauty was at my son's school. Ludwig, that's a kite, right?

And another variety of said item above. Sankranti this year at Husain Sagar.


Ludwig said...

koff koff. ah. we're rather thrilled that someone should ask us about a bird. this is surely a first. [whispers, lest the true birders hear him] yes i think that's a kite [ends whisper]

hoopoes are brilliant, don't you think. we're written about them, haven't we?

Space Bar said...

ah i did remember correctly--eagles do not land as casually as jai would suggest!

Hoopoes are brilliant. When people are not busy confusing them with woodpeckers. :D