Monday, June 04, 2007

A Lizard's Tale

Sorry, this is another cop-out. It's a poem I wrote for my son last year. He's afraid of the dark and of being left alone in it. I'm clearly getting mushy and senti in my old age, so do forgive.

A Lizard’s Tale

Yukio in the house,
grows fat on fleas
and flies and juicy moths.

Every morning
he crawls behind the owl
in the picture, and falls asleep.

Fat Yukio, lonely now
wanders on the walls at night
looking for friends

and ignoring the moths
that beat their lazy wings
at him, cheekily.

“What if I am
the only lizard left in the world?”
he asks owl.

Owl blinks awake and
mumbles, “Go back out.”
How, wonders Yukio.

One morning he leaves
a careful trail of droppings
near the front door

and in a while hears
the household amazed and confused
by such daring.

The door stays open while
they rush for brooms and pans,
flits and swats.

Yukio darts out
and sleeps under a cool pot
until evening comes

and brings with it
long, lovely lizard.

Friends now, no longer alone
or the last lizards in the universe,
Yukio and Mishi together.

Why Yukio and Mishi, you ask? Well, this was after I watched for a second time the beautiful Last Life In The Universe by Pen-ek Ratanaruang. You'd have to read the last part in the Wiki entry to see why a lizard, why Yukio, why why why.


Ludwig said...

heh. it's remarkable how much i empathize with Yukio :P and this reminded me, like it would've any Gerald Durrell fan i suppose, of Geronimo

oecgj: Finnish for, "i wish my vowels were in pronounceable places".

Batul said...

Nice! Must see the film.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Lovely! Lucky boy

Space Bar said...

Shoe Fiend: Thanks! I don't know about lucky...he often has to hear the other stuff that's not as lovely, heh!

Space Bar said...

Ludwig: Do you indeed. :D

Batul: Chris Doyle's outdone himself. Gorgeous stuff.