Thursday, June 21, 2007

the rains are here!

Yesterday, as I was waiting for the school bus to arrive, I watched the rain fall in a most curious way: where patches of water reflected the grey sky, the drops turned dark as they fell; and where the road showed through, the drops gleamed like mercury.

I wish I could have photographed it, but I wasn't about to risk my lens or camera in that downpour.

So here is an approximation, swiped from somewhere.

See y'all after the weekend. Need to shake off the depression of summer.


Banno said...

The rains make me want to go back to Pune, or any place where the rains still are beautiful. Certainly not in Mumbai. But I won't spoil your monsoon magic by spelling out the woes of this city.

Space Bar said...

oh, it's not magic here either, if you're caught in traffic. But if you're at home, with nothing to do except look out the window, or go for a walk down little lanes, it's still gorgeous.