Monday, June 18, 2007

Drusya Film Festival June 14-July 17

I hate film festivals in my own city. It usually means that though I know I want to watch several films, I won't be able to. The best festivals are those to which you go having taken a week or ten days off, and where you can watch all five films a day if you have the stamina, and at least three a day if you don't want to be eaten by guilt.

Drusya Film Foundation has decent schedule of films. There are no retrospectives or focus-on-an-artist categories, but there are several films I want to watch (the film schedule can be reached by clicking on a link to the right of the main Drusya page), among them Contempt, the Teshigahara and the Imamura. And I won't be able to. Or at least, it looks unlikely.


But for those of you who have the time and the inclination, the festival is on every evening starting 5.30 pm at the Hari Hara Kala Bhavan in Secunderabad. (And may the traffic choke you.)

PS: Can either Shweta or Ludwig please tell me how the Hari Hara Kala Bahvan intends to pull off three screenings a day when the screenings atart at 5.30 pm (and very possibly later)? Do they have three screens? Are they a secret multiplex? Do they give you special spectacles to wear that will divide the screen into three portions and you can watch Homi Bhabha - Scientist in Action (22 mins), Percy (110 mins) and La Regle Du Jeu (110 mins) at the same time? Or do you come staggering back to your on-the-right-side-of-the-flyover homes at one at night with the prospect of waking up bleary-eyed at six in the morning haunting the remainder of your night? Do tell.


Shweta said...

Many thanks SB. They say it was in the papers, but I only saw it here.
Hate to gloat to so kind a one, but it is soooo lovely to live 7mins away from HHKB. Yahooo yahoo!
If it gives you any satisfaction though- I trusted their website more than you (bad thinking) and arrived a good 45 mins before time. Might as well have been stuck in traffic, what? :)

Swar Thounaojam said...

B'lore is planning this:

Btw, my husband is stuck to QC now!

Ludwig said...

We, who live on the right side of Punjagutta flyovers, salute you!

Space Bar said...

I hate all of you.

Swar, glad I've started an wpidemic! If I must get hate mail this is the kind I want.

Banno said...

Every time there's a festival in Mumbai, I seriously consider taking up a hotel room somewhere close by. Or just miss the festival totally. What else. No point even talking about the traffic.

Space Bar said...

Banno: I should do that! Stay at a friend's place and saunter in every evening and come here and gloat afterwards. (what a nice dream that was!)

Ludwig said...

alack. ludwig hasn't been able to make it to even one movie. ludwig is giwduling in Bangalore for the weekend. ludwig will attempt HHKB next week, possibly...ludwig doesn't mind staggering, he's thinking.