Saturday, June 09, 2007


Note from one acquaintance, after announcement of book:

"Hi, Met B today.If you can give your book to him, I'll go through it. Can send it back. Will come to Zentrium Reading. Do let me know."

Please note that my book costs all of Rs. 50.

For fifty bucks, you can get
  1. one cup of coffee at the average CCD, Barista
  2. a slice of pizza
  3. a movie ticket at Sterling or Sangeet, and a parking ticket
  4. a spare button on a Wills Lifestyle-type shirt
  5. or you could be returning to the city and needing to take an uto from Secunderabad station, and you find an auto and you have fifty bucks in your wallet and you say rather bravely where you want to go, but you know you're going to have to get off once fifty bucks is reached on the meter and walk the rest fo the way and you chew your nails down to the quick and start on the fingers, staring anxiously all the while at the meter that jumps with joy at every bump, of which there are many, and look outside to see where you have reached at thirty bucks and you shake your head in hopelessness as you count the change and figure whether if you stop opposite HPS with a few bucks left, you can have a quick mirchi bajji somewhere and by the time you're done considering, your fifty is UP!

But this lady wanted me to lend her my copy, so she could 'go through it'.


Shweta said...

Hau bhai! the very depths...

Btw Many Congratulations! Missed the 'out'ing, been away.
Did you mention the Zentrium reading before? Is it for the general public?
Also-the thing about Wills buttons- fact or speculation? If fact, I am going to guard those damned jeans like a Horcoux.

Space Bar said...

Shweta: Thanks! Zentrium reading will be announced with due fanfare closer to the time. :D

Buttons were pure speculation but guard them anyway. You might want to reconsider the horcrux analogy, since most of them are going to get blasted out of their soulless existences.

equivocal said...

Ha! I like the last of your 50 bucks (no. 5) especially.

Shweta said...

Aiyyo yes indeed, why you say! Can't hardly wait for the blasting to begin.

the mad momma said...

wow.. smack her over the head with another book.. not yours...

Space Bar said...

Equivocal: Thanks! Good to see you around.

Shweta: :D

TMM: Yes indeed, if I could. That's the trouble with being virtual.