Saturday, January 03, 2009


All in the head, of course, but for once, it really feels fantastic to say Happy New Year to everyone.

This means, of course, that I'm back.

And will not be blogging as much as I was last year (last year. Yay!) Because being offline was exactly what I needed to do, and you know what? That's nearly as addictive as blogging was.

But Chennai was fun (yes, I said it. You heard me). Met friends - both bloggers and not - didn't after all meet everyone I meant to. Made unexpected plans on the train that I carried out with great determination (to spend the 31st and 1st entirely on my own in what amounted to total silence [except for the crackers and the two parties close by and all the tuneless signing])

In effect, a good vacation.

And how have y'all been?


Cheshire Cat said...

I won't comment on the irony of a blog post declaring that being offline is addictive :)

Szerelem said...

Happy New Years and all that!
Btw - suddenly Chennai seems everywhere - even TR had a weird Chennai type comment on my blog. But probably is just me - I'm in all probability moving there for work for a couple of months. Haven't been in eons now so hoping I won't doe of the heat and or boredom - though do plan to travel around a bit. But blogger type peoples in Chennai - who???

Veena said...

SB, Cat: Did you guys finally meet up? Tell all gossip no?

dipali said...

Happy New Year, Space Bar, glad to have you back!

Space Bar said...

cat: of course you won't; you (like the shoe) just do it.

szer: and to you. about chennai, i've been wavering wildly between considering changing my mind about it and deciding that it was all because the both times i had fun there was because i was there in december. i don't know.

and bloggers there are plenty but i met rahul and cat.

sb: yes, we did. i was hoping he would post about it for a change, instead of me. cat?

dipali: and to you too! glad to be back.

Szerelem said...

I knew Rahul is in Chennai but did not know about cat. I'll probably be there March and April - maybe May. Let see how things work out.

wv: fence

Cheshire Cat said...

"I was hoping he would post about it for a change, instead of me"

I think you must be confusing me with someone else.

What I'd like to know more about is your distaste for cake. "Let them eat cake", you say, and we have no complaints.

I'm waiting for the day when Chennai will trump Hyderabad in your esteem... Soon, soon, I trust, sooner than one might dare to hope.

Space Bar said...

szer: Chennai in March-April? My sympathies.

cat: My problem with cake is simple: it has this tendency to appear to disassemble as you chew it and then it miraculously becomes whole inside your stomach. It's like swallowing a two pound weight from the local gym.

And Chennai trumping Hyd? You gotta be kidding.

Rahul Siddharthan said...

szerlem: But blogger type peoples in Chennai - who?

Me, for one, as sb says. Feel free to get in touch.

SB - people walk in Chennai? Yes, I guess they do, but sidewalks barely exist. I always envy Bangalore for its sidewalks (though residents there complain about their disrepair).