Friday, January 16, 2009

Eheu Fugaces

In other words, I'm amazed at how much I had to say last year and the year before.

And in the meanwhile, here's a question for you: is it memory or your subconscious acting up when you remember something (very vividly) that you didn't know you knew but now that it's resurfaced, it's as fresh as on the day it happened? Do you remember only that which you're aware of committing to memory? And if not, then what's the subconscious doing bubbling up to the surface in this very sewage-y way?

(Yes, I've been re-reading last January's posts. And Ludwig. I can't but think of sewage.)

1 comment:

abhimanyu said...

i hope its not cold turkey? sounds like what burroughs referred to as 'flshbacks' - rare good thing to come out of a junk addiction...