Wednesday, January 07, 2009

teapot, mating bugs, strange tumblers &misc


Banno said...

I want that teapot.

Cheshire Cat said...

The second photo is exquisite. Wakens in one a sense of how meagre the resources of the imagination really are.

Anonymous said...

It will be photo 3 for me then.

Loved the slotted short tumbler.

Can't be used by itself (and hence left unclean).
Short enough to make sure the mouth of the plastic cup placed inside is all the drinker's mouth will touch.
Is still stainless steel and gives it that traditional look with a plantain leaf meal.

Brilliant design!

dipali said...

The colourful love bugs on their stark background.
Lovely stuff, all of 'em!

km said...

Buddha = Misc?

Zen Master velly anglee.

//what is that bug?

amruta patil said...

so much miscellaneous beauty.

Anonymous said...

You got a shot of the bugs! Every time I went walking in the park in Madras last year, I would think "you have to take a photo of those mating bugs" and I never did. also, i will fight Banno for the teapot.

Space Bar said...

Banno, Shoefy: I ought to warn you that that kettle is actually yellow. It looks this way because of the flash. You still want?

Cat, BM, Dipali, Amruta: Thanks!

km: Buddha = Misc. He woulda approved, don't you think?

And I have no idea. Looks like a ladybird but isn't. It larger, flatter and more diamond-shaped.

sumana001 said...

The Buddha shot is brilliant!
I wish I had a print :)