Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inner Out

I especially liked 11. But read 'em all.

Now who's got rules of their own?


*in solidarity with Ms. Baroque's keyboard.


Rahul Siddharthan said...

Confusing. I can write a bad sonnet, with perfect meter and rhyme, in less than half an hour. I could probably write a 14-poem sonnet sequence too. And if others persuaded me of its merits I may start believing them. On the other hand I have assembled IKEA furniture (and the equivalents in India). One of my goals in life is to write a poem-writing computer program, like the one in Cyberiad. Am I in or out?

Ms Baroque said...

Hi Space Bar, I loved this too! And linked it. I think I'm out. Or, wait -

I'm working on my laptop, too, thanks for the support. By today I should know the worst...

And by the way, sorry, I left a rather caustic comment for your pothead commenter on the Obama inauguration post! You might want to have a look.

Falstaff said...

Meh. I knew I was out at No. 2 (song lyrics forsooth!) after which the thing didn't really seem worth reading.

Falstaff said...

Oh, and R.S., you may want to read the work of Erica T. Carter. Not that I would dignify it by calling it poetry. Though then again, she's a hell of a lot better than, say, Kapil Sibal.

Rahul Siddharthan said...

falstaff - but can Erika write a poem on love and tensor algebra?

km said...

Disappointed that the rules do not mention drugs and alcohol.

Rob said...

Thanks for linking.
Hope no one is taking it too seriously though.

Rahul, your question is tricky. It all depends how you position yourself.

Falstaff, you can be in if you want!

km, you're right. Drugs and alcohol, of course. But I restricted myself to only 20 rules. You can add as many as like.

km said...

Rob: So if one says "I need a toke or a good Scotch before I pick up my pen", is he/she in or out?

Just checking, that's all.

Falstaff said...

Rob: Nah. I like being out. Being in is overrated.

Space Bar said...

Rahul: A 14 poem sonnet sequence is just too exhausting to even thing about (without the aids that km so eloquently speaks of). And I can't put together a model plane for my son. I think that makes me in.

Ms. Baroque: But I got it from you! Are you saying if we link, we're out? I don't think so. And good luck with the lap top.

Falsie: you are obviously very very out. (Unless you you're sure you are, in which case you're probably not.) Aargh. Stop! And where on earth do you dig these people up from? Someone should send Kapil Sibal a link.

km: aren't you going to bring up kundalini inspired poetry?

rob: thanks for dropping by!