Monday, January 12, 2009

Windchime with frog

For Amruta:

The frog in the next two is not the windchime one, I should clarify.


amruta patil said...

so many pebbles you left me! thank you, really. the sibling and i have a particular affinity with frogs. was a lovely green tree frog with the slenderest toes that used to come to our window every day. he fell into a vessel of boiling milk one morning and died. aside from the ghastly end, we loved the interactions.

Space Bar said...

ew! poor frog. i'm trying to stop myself saying that now you're where you are, there'll be no shortage of frogs, but I can't!

kbpm said...

is of no relevance to froggie in post. but why are you asking my permission re: book? its his! i bought it for him!
if you will meet me, i will gladly get you your own copy too. in fact if i had read your comment earlier i would done that already...(see, you will WANT to make fransip wit me 2)

Space Bar said...

kbpm: aw how sweet thank you, but borrowing is fine (have to borrow the murakami also. note to self).

and hey - will let you know when i'm in bombay.