Thursday, January 29, 2009

Portmanteau Post

Taking inspiration from Ludwig-san, here's a bunch of things I've been reading that y'all might enjoy (or not).

1. First up, sing a Praise Song for the Remix. All 51 of them.

2. And then there's Jyotirmaya Sharma (hey there!) on Modi. It's on Siddharth Varadarajan's blog, btw. The comments, as always...what can I say? Mostly i want to laugh but way too many people think like these folks and it's scary. Somebody should do a wingnut comments remix. [the JS article link via Rohit.]

3. While we're on the subject of things that leave you speechless (ha ha, in the context): Post 26/11 (how easily we slip into these codes, no?) there were a lot of bloggers posting about the TV coverage. NDTV has decided to pick on Chyetanya Kunte. He apologises. And withdraws his post. Blogbharti links to Vimoh who writes an open letter to NDTV. I'm sure the lady in question will now be confirmed in every prejudice she ever harboured about evil bloggers. They just refuse to shut up, no? Wonder who'll be invited to speak on We the People now. I'm guessing it won't be Mr. Kunte.

4. Now for something completely different. Last year, Amruta Patil's protagonist concluded that blood was unreliable. [It appears that the comic's gone!]. This year, in 24 hours there's Kari in the museum. On the one hand, Kari knows all about museums. On the other, she's finding it hard to get used to the mute button. Go read. Um, see.

5. Coming up: more birthday party stories. Stay tuned. I'm off to read some of the things I've linked to.


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You like the number 4, don't you?