Friday, July 17, 2009

HBP: or, Snape! Snape! Snape!


First day second show, I'm happy to say. Picked up El Cid from school and we went straight tot he theatre, where he asked me every half a minute or so, when the film would begin.

All that is besides the point.

Things I like include:

1. How much of the exposition was done away with. Good job with that.
2. The memories, as they are poured into the pensieve, settle down and resolve themselves into buildings, people, object. Until they do, it's a bit like Kobayashi's title sequence for Kwaidan. Very nice.
3. A nice if slightly heavy-handed juxtaposition between the conversation about Unbreakable Vows between Harry and Ron, and the disappearing heart drawn by Lavender, on the train window.
4. Alan Rickman. If only Voldemort could be half as sinister and drawly as Snape, he's be a whole lot scarier. Can you imagine how shudder-inducing it would be if Snape was a Parselmouth?

5. Draco Malfoy. If the film wasn't about Snape, it would be about him. But this Felton man will go bald soon; he'd better get in as many pretty boy films as he can before he does.

6. Frank Dillane as Voldemort at 16. Smooth kid.

And the rest:

1. Radcliffe, Grint and Watson display their boredom with the series most unambiguously. Hermione weeps, Ron looks more silly than usual and the Vanishing Cabinet has more expression than Harry.

2. The centrepieces of the book - the hunt for the Horcrux, with the Inferi making their appearance, and Dumbledore's (*SPOILER! SPOILER!*) death - are not quite the emotional lightning rods I hoped they would be. That makes the film more about snogging (what an ugly word) than about the love Dumbledore sets such store by.

3. Finally, was this damn film censored in India? I ask because the much-discussed kiss between Ron and Hermione didn't materialise. Of course, the interval could have chewed it up, but there were far too many butt joints in the film, which makes me wonder. Talking about chewing things up, I really wish theatres would leave the end titles alone. If they don't cut them off the minute the film is over, they project ridiculous slides over them and it's very, very annoying.

4. I wish they'd shown Snape flying out like a bat out the window. I was kinda looking forward to that.


Ludwig said...

> Dumbledore's (*SPOILER! SPOILER!*) death

You've just given a most delicious idea for a post.

It's not that great, but it has its virtues.

Space Bar said...

Tell! Tell!

Falstaff said...

You don't like the word snogging? Really? I love it - it's so visceral, so snouty.

km said...

Alan Rickman

You can take the *crappiest* film, insert Alan Rickman into just one frame and watch as the film becomes much, much better.

//Seconding Falstaff. "Snogging" is a terrific word. Its American equivalents are boring words.

Space Bar said...

falsie: can't say i do - too porcine for my taste. 'stroppy' there's a word i like. it has knives in it.

km: rickman's really cool, isn't he? he should always be snape.