Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Rapids of a Great River

The whole review in Mint.

There was much more I had wanted to say and had written elsewhere but the book is temporarily not with me.

Perhaps when I get it back I will do a companion post to this one on two aspects of this book that I found most interesting but didn't touch upon much: one is a reading of the Introduction here along with Ramanujan's afterword to Poems of Love and War; and the second is about the Sri Lankan poets included in this Anthology - 11 of them, forming a bulk of the second part of the book - and what it means for Tamil poetry in translation.


km said...

So disappointed that you did not employ the phrase "at once" even once in that review :)

//Yes, I am sure that's just the kind of feedback you wanted after publishing a review of an anthology of Tamil poetry. (Actually, I do have a question for you about translated Indian poetry but the question is too long-winded and could potentially start a flame war. Another time.)

kuffir said...

i like the review- that's a nice, not intimidating, way of introducing a book that has set such a formidable agenda for itself.

??! said...

Hey, you don't mention a potential flame war and then desist from asking the question. We all know the blogland could do with a little bit of excitement. Falsie might even drop in with a rant. Please?

Space Bar said...

km: :D i made a list of those pitfalls but no doubt i fell into others.

kuffir: thanks.

??!: you think?

choxbox said...

read who had done the review and thought 'hey thats space bar!' :)

Karuna Nidhi said...

Indian patriots are culturally narrow minded, In Tamil poetry anthology poems written by Tamils in Sri Lanka also included. Latin American writers contributed to Spanish literature, dint they?