Tuesday, July 07, 2009


[this one by Kevin Ang is a favourite]

1. Terrible Yellow Eyes. Being a tribute to Maurice Sendak, not just for making it to 81 (which is a thing some people manage with no visible exertion), but also for the huggable grotesquerie of his monsters. [via CT]

2. Also terrible is how I've neglected this blog: one post in June and only the second one now in July. Isn't life beautiful? I'm learning caprice.

3. There are other terrible things, too numerous to be named so #3 is for you to fill in the blanks. What's the most terrible thing that's happened to you while I've been away?


SUR NOTES said...

yes, the one book we have is a favorite- mine,not yet hers.

and #3, i might have a dead tooth under my distraught jolie-but now normal-lips. its a tooth, without feelings.

and my word verification is ovari - should i put three question marks or three exclamation marks...

km said...

You are *learning* capris? Aren't those the ugly long-shorts-pants they tried to make men wear one summer?

New pillows suck. That's my #3.

Space Bar said...

sur: the combination of angelina jolie-ness and bad tooth is giving me the shudders. Do something about it!

km: did they make men wear it? i thought only women were subjected to faishon disasters.

but caprice:

a tendency to change one's mind without apparent or adequate motive; whimsicality; capriciousness: With the caprice of a despotic king, he alternated between kindness and cruelty.

km said...

Sigh. Sarcasm is a lost cause on the internet :D

Space Bar said...

it is on people who have had their head in the clouds for two months.


and give those new pillows black currant ice-cream.

??! said...

KM, my turn to snort things out of my face at this exchange. Space, as that wise old saying goes, what have you been smoking?

km said...

??!: you gotta ruin the keyboard for it to count.

Space Bar said...

??!: I think a mushroom that my son likes to call Fly A Garlic.

And what's your #3?

??! said...

And what's your #3?

Erm....you not posting?