Sunday, July 12, 2009

on a road to nowhere

Driving on one of the roads parallel to the Outer Ring Road, we came upon a winding stretch of new, black road with few signs, one dog that looked dead but when we passed it, got up and wagged at us.

By the side of the road, and in the distance, Gachibowli.

This is what they need to get out of the way to get there.

Road, rocks, sky, clouds. Once there were more of some things and less of others.


Lekhni said...

Ah, Gachi Bowli. The very sound of the word brings back memories.
There's also a Rethi Bowli somewhere on that road, and I've never understood what those names mean.

I'm glad those rocks are still there and haven't been quarried yet.

Space Bar said...

lekhni! they *are* being quarried! look again at the first two.

(good to see you back.)

Anonymous said...

You do know about these people: ?

Space Bar said...

Varali: Of course! I'm sure they're well-meaning, but going for walks once a month to different places does not seem to have done much to discourage the govt. from blasting these rocks out of existence. In fact, one of the stretches near where these photographs are taken, are supposed to be protected courtesy the StRS. Doesn't seem to have helped, does it?