Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bombay Diaries: Friday

3am: Father has a temperature of 104◦. Acute shivering. Ice packs and much anxiety. Should I cancel? I decide to go but only after much persuasion.

7am: I feel pretty hellish myself. Not even the thought of
being on Kingfisher for the first time snaps me out of my settled gloom.

10am: Bombay. I'm fairly certain the cab at the airport has a rigged meter. Who has such snazzy new seats and such a cruddy cover for the meter?

11am: I'm right. I was rooked but taking up the issue means going out again to a cop shop and I'm not feeling good enough.

11:15am: Wadala. With gorgeous views of the refinery. (Which refinery? I never found out in the three days I was there.) And an unexpectedly large park downstairs. I nap. In between making plans for the following day with Kuntal, and reading.

The rest of the day passes in a blur of sleep and food, a walk. The walk is gorgeous, the light is magic and I didn't take my camera with me. The small blue flowers which you will see in another post looked nearly bleached white and I remember that they're the same ones we used to bleach with Sulfur Dioxide.

11pm: None of the phone calls I've made home reassure me. Everyone sounds wretched. Yet I sleep the sleep of the good. The refineries belch fire all night long.


??! said...

that'd be the Indian Oil refinery. Which used to be (still is?) the Burma Shell one.

km said...

IOL is correct. And that's the first time I've heard anyone describing the view of a refinery as "gorgeous".

Space Bar said...

Ah ok. And km, yes it is! That mountain at the back, that fire. If it hadn't been for all the steel, it might have reminded me of Tolkien.

Anonymous said...

Why does that flame from the refinery look like a gaunt orange human face, every time I look at it? It looks scary. Am I the only one who sees the face ?

SloganMurugan said...

It's one of the fav things I watch out for when I'm at a relatively high place in Mumbai. I have seen it from as far as Parle/Santa Cruz, The Navi Mumbai Road, the pedestrian overbridge at, I think Bandra or Mahim station . Out in the sea from the bay and every time i fly in and out of Mumbai at night time.

There's a tall metal chimney in the vicinity that keeps flashing.

Space Bar said...

Lekhni: You mean like something out of The Mummy? Hmm. You may be right.

Slogun Murugan: Yes, I have a photo of that chimney. In the day it's taller than anything else around it and at night it flashes at intervals like a lighthouse.

SUR NOTES said...

lekhni: i saw the face too. like a faraway faded munch's scream. no kidding.

i just saw the fire!after looking at the photograph for the fifth time.

Space Bar said...

sur: :D and i didn't see it until lekhni mentioned it!